The Last Fight – koncert

The Last Fight – koncert

W ramach europejskiej trasy koncertowej zawita do nas zespół The Last Fight i wprowadzi w klimaty energetycznego rocka alternatywnego. Nie możecie przegapić tego wydarzenia! Tym bardziej, że wstęp na koncert nie jest biletowany.

Historia zespołu:
Band founder and frontman James Dini’s four-piece THE LAST FIGHT was founded in 2010, when he and drummer Gigi Colombo were sitting in their favourite pub in Northern Italy and decided that there just wasn’t enough good rock music that radio stations would play. Five years and two extra band members later – Leon Cohnen from Cologne on lead guitar and Yaroslav Bebko from Lutsk on bass – the four boys are presenting their first LP. And this one is in a class of its own.

This album, called ‘AVE’, showcases THE LAST FIGHT firing on all cylinders, and energetically and logically getting to the point – all without sacrificing their playfully light combination of captivating compositions and gripping melodies. Even the most discerning rock fans will get their money’s worth.

This is exactly what allowed the band to play at various large festivals in Italy as well as to open for bands like ´Coldplay` and ´We Are Scientists`.
They have also won several band contests, like KEEPON, the RED BULL Tourbus and the SISME Award, as well as being invited to play at ROCK IN RIO. On their European tour, which focussed on Eastern Europe, the boys got to experience a club atmosphere and even had to improvise an unplugged set after a power outage. This was obviously no problem for natural frontman and entertainer James Dini.

When you hear the 11 brand new songs, you can tell that producer Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, The Intersphere, Sasha, Mr Mister and more) really took to the band – and that THE LAST FIGHT can hold their own on the international stage with this record.

Seeing these four rockers live is not to be missed – they really give it their all and are known for their playful, humorous and convivial interactions with fans.